We have many exhibition stand games available that serve corporate functions, promotions and product launches extremely well. Our exhibition games can be branded with company logos and products, which make them ideal for such occasions. One of the best exhibition games to brand is the cash cube. The cashcube, or grab a grand machine, is a fantastic product that will draw in crowds and entertain guests for hours. Cash cubes are highly entertaining for players and spectators alike, ensuring that it brings amusement to your event for the duration. Our cash cube money machine can be branded, and even the play money used within the cash cube rental can be altered to feature company logos, making it an ideal choice for a promotional event.

Hire cash cube for any event, be it a wedding, family fun day, or private party. The branding of the cash blowing machine makes it ideal for corporate functions, but we hire cash cubes to all types of events. The bright lights and screaming contestants draw in the crowds, making the grab a grand hire a highlight at any function or party. The grab a grand game is a familiar sight from television programmes but when you rent cash cubes for your event you are bringing a fantastic product to your guests. The concept behind the hire grab a grand is simple. Players have a minute to catch as much play money as they can within the time limit, while the money flies around them. When you rent cash cube you are hiring a product that is fun for all ages and is sure to keep guests amused for the length of your party.

Hire grab a grand machine by itself or alongside other fantastic exhibition stand games. We have batak pro, hi striker, punch ball machines, arcade machines, wheel of fortune, and many, many more. If you choose to rent grab a grand machine with other games you can create your very own entertainment package that is bespoke to you and your unique event. We will use our experience to give your advice on what products may work well together, leaving the decision up to you. You can call us at any time to discuss your possibilities and we will answer any queries you may have with no obligation, ensuring that you are fully aware of all your available options. To find out more about the cash cube and our other fantastic products and services, give our sales team a call.